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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored guy national carpet mill outlet. io crow's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> it is very concerning and it is very frightening. >> denise: was a teenager shot over the weekend and targeted because of now they want to see the suspect charged with a hate crime. they say the 16-year-old was wearing an islamic head covering when he was attacked. >> romona: sara goldenburg has more on what police were saying. >> reporter: he is expected to be okay. he is back home now. his family believes he was targeted because he is muslim and they want the suspect to
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a lakewood high school student told a civil rights group he was walking home from his part-time job near detroit when a man called him a terrorist and accused him of being a part of the at taliban and then shot him in the arm and ran away. the cleveland chapter on the council of american islamic relations said the teen was wearing an islamic head cover when he was attacked. >> he seems to be okay this evening. the family is definitely shaken up. a hate crime at this point, but they arrested the suspect, denzel r johnson and charged him with felonious assault. now the director wants to deny johnson bail when he heads to a courtroom on friday. >> clearly because of the arabic , the islamic headdress he was wearing it started from that.
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present these elements of a possible bias crime. >> there was a spike since the election. the fbi recently released statistics that show a 67% jump in anti-muslim incidents. >> the muslim community is not alone in this, put we feel very, very vulnerable because of the hostile political rhetoric that has come out over the last couple years frankly. >> reporter: johnson is in jail on $10,000 bond. he will face a judge tomorrow morning. ramona? >> romona: thank you, sara. we are digging deeper into how potential hate crimes are prosecuted in ohio and here is what we found. a judge or jury must find beyond a reasonable doubt the crime was motivated by race, color, religion or national origin. if so the charges are automatically elevated to a
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charge and with that comes stricter penalties. >> denise: chris tanaka is at the news desk with developing news tonight. >> chris: cleveland police are asking for help. they are desperately looking for a missing 15-year-old who hasn't been seen in almost two months. 15-year-old ellen harris went missing on october 8th. police say she left her tacoma avenue home with her brother to go to the library, but o he is -- she is 5-4 and 110 pounds. if you have seen her call police. you can see the number right there on your screen. >> chris: we just learned more than 400 employees at alliance castings in stark county will lose their jobs next month as the plant goes idle on january 28th. a slow down in the energy field is to blame. alliance castings makes parts
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and atan, the 18-year-old behind the attack at ohio state on monday was buried today. federal investigators are still trying to figure out why he went on that rampage. denise? >> denise: chris, thank you. unfortunately in the last hour we learned the wildfire scorching 10s of thousands of acres in the great smoky mountains has claimed another life. the death toll is now up to 11. another body was discovered tonight. an for dozens more who are missing. at least 700 homes and businesses have been destroyed. investigators are now looking for clues as to how the fire may have started, but they say it does appear that it started from humans rather than a lightning strike. >> romona: we just learned a missouri man who lured a brooklyn teenager on-line and later held her against her will for a month was given a 15-year federal prison sentence.
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to driving to the 15-year-old's home and taking her back to missouri with him. the 42-year-old now faces state charges for rape. >> denise: we just checked and a massive manhunt is going on. tonight we are hearing from one of the victims as she called 9-1-1 just minutes after she was shot. >> i need an ambulance. >> to where? >> on the in henderson? >> i a i just got shot. >> denise: that was sara marsh. she was pregnant and died from her injuries. lashawn sanders was also killed. calhoun is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> romona: on his first stop on his thank you tour in cincinnati he announced he will nominate retired general
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defense. he says he wants to unite the country. >> we are going to seek a truly inclusive society where we support each other and love each other and look out for each other. that means that people coming into our country have to be people that have the potential to love us and not to hate us. >> romona: mr. trump will make additional stops in hua what you and michigan and more stops are being planned in the days and weeks ahead. >> romona: we are looking into how inmates keep escaping a correctional facility for nonviolent offenders. >> denise: sometimes not letting the public know about it. we are getting answers from people who used to be on the inside there. paul orlousky found the problem is far worse than we thought. >> we had almost five awols each weekend.
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community-based corrections facility. it is a state facility run by the oriana house, the same that runs this akron facility. the mission is to rehabilitate non-violent offenders, usually people with drug problems. for the first 30 days no leaving the place. after that clients can do out and try to find a job. but dozens simply leave and don't return. others break out. there were three escapes through this window alone. it was broken from a pool ball from the recreation lee, tucker and shepherd. part of the reason is that at times deeing degradation of clients trumps rehuh pill station. >> to have certain resident supervisors who come in every day and their entire mission is to write sanctions. we had one who wrote 17 sanctions in one day. and they were applauding him like he saved earth. >> he looked at me like i was a scum bag.
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here i am trying to rehuh pill tate -- rehabilitate my life and pea somebody. >> reporter: outside support like family is important. visitors were treated with the same disthane they showed -- disdain they show clients. >> reporter: despite his issue isaac completed the program. 62% of people don't. checked his pulse and checked his wrists. >> reporter: after a death kevin was terminated. he feels he is an escape goat. they said he was terminated for violating policies. >> he complains. >> reporter: denise is janson's mother and she said he complained p shortness of breath two days before he died. she believes he died of a heart attack.
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accidental acute fentanyl toxicity. that raises the question, how did he get the drugs? he refused an on camera interview, but said fentanyl is hard to detect. a tiny amount, a grain of salt, can kill someone. he was a heroin addict and will hoped he could get help, but his son walked away. >> we thought our son was in a safe place and he could get the help he needs. heis p it. we just by chance found out otherwise we wouldn't have been told. >> me and his dad asked if he can be put in rehab to get treatment. >> reporter: there is another part to the story and it has to do with money. when a client earns work privileges 20% of the pay comes back to the agency. that creates an incentive to keep people inside longer by ignoring things like fights that would get people kicked
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if you can keep a guy in there an extra month and he is working, that's 200% pay. you will keep him in there. >> are they violating the judge's orders by holding people too long? >> i believe they are. >> reporter: malone is a current client. >> i honestly feel like the it is not being done correctly. >> reporter: they are not told p walk aways or escapes. they never are. oriana for this from the executive director months ago. >> the protocols are to notify probation and the court. then the court and the probation take it from there. that's how the notification goes. >> reporter: there is no monetary incentive when keeping clients. when they meet specific wide ranging goals they are released. >> jeff: let's take a look at the feazel roof cam.
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some spots are seeing laky -- lake effect. i'll detail that. and getting used to the winter mix. we'll see that and we'll detail that coming up. >> romona: and now is the time you will start to turn on your furnaces to stay warm. that comes with the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. next, answers on how you can protect your family. >> denise: and a possible cancer risk linked to drinking white wine. how much you can drink without putting yourself in danger.
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: a husband and wife are dead after a suspected it case of carbon monoxide poisoning. this is the third case of carbon monoxide poisoning in the last eight days. and now that winter is here people are dying from carbon monoxide. shelby miller is getting answers. >> reporter: you are right. this is the time fire departments respond to more and more calls. the good news is the firefighter i spoke with said there are simple steps you can take to stay safe.
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the silent killer. >> there is no way it will alert you. it is not doing to wake you up because of the smell or because you hear something. there is no taste to it. >> reporter: just today carbon monoxide poisoning claimed two lives in northeast ohio. >> it is a horrible reminder. >> reporter: they say 430 people die every year across the country from carbon monoxide poisoning. the public information officer, doug turner, said there are steps you should take every year to yourself and your family. >> have somebody check your appliances and make sure your furnace is running properly along with your hot water tank. >> reporter: carbon monoxide comes from your car and generator and household appliances like your gas stove and water heater and furnace. they encourage people to put in carbon monoxide detectors like this one. they should be on every floor close to where you sleep. >> it is a cheap item to put in to have peace of mind for your family's safety.
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signs and symptoms to watch out for. carbon monoxide poisoning tends to feel a lot like the flu. people get headaches and dizziness and nausea and vomiting and shortness of breath and confusion. >> you don't want to see people die from something that can be present vented. prevented. >> reporter: if you are concerned about your home, call the fire department or das company and they can -- gas company and they can come out with a meter to make sure your home is safe. >> denise: a texas family is teenage daughter killed herself in front of them after being cyber bullied. classmates teased her about her weight. they even made up fake social media accounts to harass the 18-year-old. her older sister did everything she could to try to save the teenager, but it didn't work. >> i heard the shot and my dad
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reported the bullying to school and police. but they were told it would be tough to find the culprits because the app being used to harass her was untracible. and cleveland 19 news is dedicated to beating bullying in schools. if you or a loved one is having problems with bullies we have a whole section on our website where you can go for help. click on the too strong for bullies tab. >> romona: tonight we are getting answers on how to than a million android users that have their googleing thatted. put in your e-mail address and find out if your information is stolen and if you are a victim here is what you need to do. do a factory reset of your phone or tablet. then change your pass word for your google account. >> denise: attention white
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can help eliminate skin cancer. there is a chemical in the wine that damages the dna and that can raise your risk of developing melanoma. put other alcoholic drinks like red wine, beer and liquor don't cause an elevated risk because of a lower level of that specific chemical. >> romona: jeff is here and it is so cold. >> jeff: if you think i what is in the extended forecast. that is next week. temperature wise it is not that bad. that's actually warmer than normal. with this wind blowing it makes it feel colder. we have a 20-mile an hour wind still going on and 16-mile an hour in cleveland. we got the air cold enough for
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it is coming off lake michigan and then down wind of lake erie. as i look at this we may have a flurry through the shardon area. i-90,ing in fact some of this rain on the moderate side here, ashtapula and geneva. basically we will continue to see this lake effect winter mix i'm calling it. it is mainly along the cleveland and through the night. tomorrow morning it is pretty much in the same spot at 7:00 a.m. the pink is the mix and here is a little snow in ashtabula county. not expecting much. we are still dealing with that. tomorrow the wind starts to shift a little more to the northwest. what that will do is it can push the lake effect a little
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evening. just to show you, i mean, look at this. we are talking less than an inch of snow and it is mainly doing to be here inland, ashtapula and diaga county and -- giaga county. on tuesday it is the next alert and the next bigger thing we are watching and that's going to be the start of what could be a pretty active weather pattern starting next week. 37 is the low. a windy winter mix. tomorrow morning it is a two mainly along the lakeshore and upper 30s and a winter mix throughout the day. no alert tomorrow. 40 is the high. as we get into tomorrow, 38 at 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 dealing with that winter mix as well. the temperatures are steady around 40 in akron-canton and you are 39 as well. over the weekend, a minor mix on saturday.
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monday is dry and 47. there is the rain on tuesday. that's what i'm talking about. toward the end of next week we could see a big shot of cold air here and lake effect snow. stay tuned. ramona, back to you. >> romona: thank you, jeff. it is not just the holidays when kids are remembered with a little something special. that's why 10-year-old parker is giving up his birthday presents to collect toys for other kids' birthdays. from hudson, ohio. >> romona: tell me first of all why you decided to do this. >> because i felt other kids, they didn't have presents. i was like, put i wanted to give them presents so they wouldn't feel left out. some people don't even have enough money to get presents for their birthdays. the birthdays are really
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you are doing? >> i said did you know i am donating them to toys for tots at akron children's hospital? they said really? >> romona: parker i have a few things for you for the kids. >> i just hope people will do the same thing and just keep donating. >> romona: isn't he wonderful? >> denise: what a big heart for such a little guy. >> romona: his birthday is friday and saturday they are going to donate gifts to toys for tots. >> denise: that's awesome. >> romona: and adults like him for sure. what is happening to our cavaliers, ramona? another night and another blowout this time to the clippers. mark schwab is trying to figure it out. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app. powered by the calvetta brothers floor show.
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: the cavaliers were back on the home hardwood. l.a. dropped three in a row and they looked like a team on a losing streak. the cavs played well and they were wearing the jersey shirts. i don't know what to think of those yet. that's what they had on tonight. a corner pke them up by four. he scored 17 in the first two quarters. strip away and throw down. cavs up by three and then the cavs do the a little out of hand. a three and clippers by four. jjreddick. he finished with a game high 23. and then blake griffin to go with the double-double.
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>> they came in and they were motivated anding bays are against the -- and backs are fence the wall. they came at us like a desperate team. deandre and blake, they can switch positions. they can guard those guys and i have seen it personally. nothing different about the loss. we took two losses and now we have to get back on track tomorrow. >> chicago. lebron pick had up a nice honor named sports illustrated sports person of the year for 2016. he joins tiger woods as the only multiple time winner of the award and that surprised me because that means michael jordan never even did it. now lebron has. no game on sunday, but you can tailgate with us. come on! the guys are throwing a tailgate that kicks off at 11:00. it is the best tailgate in town. always plenty to discuss for the football team.
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championships are playing -- high school football playoffs and the division two title game. the perry panthers were there taking on la salle out of cincinnati. the first quarter and dominic bowman jumped the route and they lead 7-0 at the break. but then la salle ripped off two free touchdowns. they to the -- they to the it over the pylon. they cuyahoga heights doing for a title at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. >> denise: all righty. i'm sure you will bring us more tomorrow. >> mark: yes, a few games tomorrow and then some the next day. we are busy, busy. >> romona: worried about those clippers. i think they are coming out of the west. >> mark: that is how many
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jeff, give us the cold details. >> jeff: it is december 2nd tomorrow and that's what you get. tomorrow we have a lake effect winter mix. it is going to be pretty minor. you can get the details in the cleveland first alert weather app. our p cool. upper 30s tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. by 11:00 in the morning only around 40 and i think we will hold steady there throughout the day. the winter mix at times a minor mix and a little sunday afternoon. >> denise: thank you, jeff and thank you for joining us. for news anytime download our app. >> romona: we hope you had a
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